CDC five (Cadac)

Faders 16 x 100mm motorised faders
Screens  23.5″ 16:9 HD
PSU 1 x internal PSU
(option to add second external 19″ 2U rackmount PSU with full redundancy
Inputs Up to 192 (inc local I/O)
Channels 48 with full processing
Busses 24 configurable in pairs as group/aux/st aux plus dedicated LCR, monitor LR, headphones LR and talkback
Matrix Up to 67 x 48 with full processing
Outputs Up to 192 (inc local I/O)
Graphic EQ 32 band +/-16 dB on all 55 outputs
Internal FX 16 high-resolution 96 kHz stereo effects processors
Local IO 16 x XLR Mic Inputs (inc 48 V, PAD and 1 dB gain steps), 8x XLR Balanced outputs, 4 x XLR AES/EBU inputs and 4 x XLR AES/EBU outputs
Comms 2 x Cadac MegaCOMMS